TPQ Feedback Training Manual v2.0.2


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Version: 2.02

Last Updated: 16-12-2021 9:44


This personal report is a detailed, personalised description of your personality profile, derived from your answers to the Townsend Personality Questionnaire (TPQ®) instrument. Currently the most popular approach among psychologists for studying personality traits is the Five-Factor model or Big-Five dimensions of personality. The TPQ® is designed this way. The following are some of the important characteristics of the five factors. First, the factors are dimensions and not types, so people vary continuously on them, with most people falling within the extremes. Second, the factors proved to stay stable over a 45-year period beginning in young adulthood. Third, the factors are considered universal. What distinguishes this personality assessment is the fact that it is not based on a particular psychologist’s theory and opinions about human nature. It is based on language, and the ‘natural’ system that people use to understand one another. Because language provides the structure with which we frame the world around us, this assessment uses it as its primary point of departure.

The Townsend Personality Model

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